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A parent-principal-student interview is required for all students wishing to enter Trinity Lutheran School for the first time in grades 1-8. A screening and interview with the Kindergarten and/or Pre-Kindergarten teacher is also required for those entering Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten.

Test scores and/or report cards for the previous three years will be requested of students entering grades 3-8. If these scores or report cards are not available before registration, the parents may be asked to pay for testing to be done by Trinity Lutheran School.

Parents of children transferring from another school are to sign a release of records form from the previous school so that Trinity Lutheran School may obtain the child's master record folder.

All students are enrolled on a tentative basis until all records are received and reviewed by the principal.

Enrollment of any pupil is subject to approval by the Board of the Day School in consultation with the principal, teachers, and pastors.


Children who will be at least five years of age before August 1st of the current school year may enroll in Kindergarten. Children who will be at least six years old before August 1st of the current school year are eligible for enrollment in first grade.

Children of members of Trinity are given preference on enrollment. Whenever the size of the class permits, the children of non-members will be admitted in the following order:

1. Children of parents belonging to a sister congregation.

2. Children of parents who are members of no church.

3. Children of parents who are members of another church body.


Missouri State Law requires that any child not updated on immunizations before the first day of school must be EXCLUDED from school. A copy of updated immunization records must be kept at the school office. Following are the minimum required immunizations for each grade level:

Grade/AgeNumber of Dosages
16-59 months (PK)4 DTP, 3 OPV, 1 MMR, 3 HB, 1 or more Hib, 1 Varicella
Grades K-14-5 DTP, 3+ OPV, 2 MMR, 3 HB, 1 Varicella (the last dose of DTP & OPV must be after age 4)
Also, second dose of varicella (chickenpox) vaccine for all children entering kindergarten
Grades 2-74-5 DTP, 3+ Polio, 2 MMR, 3 HB, (the last dose of DTP & OPV must be after age 4)
Grade 83DTP, 3+ Polio, 2 MMR, 3 HB
Tdap vaccine required for all incoming 8th grade students if the child has completed the recommended childhood DTaP/DTP vaccination series and has not received a Td booster within the past 2 years

Please note that Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine or proof of disease is required for Kindergarten through 4th grade students for the 2009-2010 school year.

In addition, students entering Kindergarten or new enrollees in 1st grade must have a vision examination by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist before entering school.


Parents or guardians who are members of the congregations affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod should be aware of the policies and procedures for enrollment and church commitment established by their home congregations.

  • Please contact the school office for tuition and registration inquiries.


Trinity uses the SMART Tuition Management Service to collect tuition payments at a cost of $50 per family. This fee is due by May 1 upon re-enrollment. Under this program, parents can elect the payment plan that best meets their needs. This fee will be credited if the parent elects to pay the entire year's tuition by July 1.